Augmented Reality Wine

What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality is an interaction, usually a short video clip, that occurs when your phone uses facial recognition as a trigger. In our case, we use the wine bottle labels to initiate fun storytelling scenes. Augmented reality wine labels has helped our wines stand out from the 9.600 other wineries in the US wine market.

"The secret trigger that makes you reach for your favorite bottle of wine" - CNBC

Read the article published by CNBC in June 2018, which showcases the influence of the wine label and how these "living wine labels" have elevated the wine drinking experience.

"Grabbing a bottle of wine can be an intimidating task. There are so many factors to consider: price, terroir, vintage, reputation, varietal. It's enough to give even the most serious oenophile pause. All too often, the choice ultimately comes down to the label." (CNBC 6/2018)

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"Treasury Sees “Living Wine Labels” App Drive Competitive Advantage" - Shanken News Daily

Brands like 19 Crimes and The Walking Dead Wine have already seen the benefits of the augmented reality labels, driving high sales and over 1.3million app downloads for Treasury Wine Estates. Shanken News Daily published an article in June 2018 that provides an overview of Treasury's enthusiasm for this technology.

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