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Meet Living Wine Labels, an updated version of the 19 Crimes App. Discover augmented reality experiences from 19 Crimes, and many more of your favourite wines.

From swirling vortexes to grim confessions; the app helps you learn the story behind every bottle.

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How it Works

Download the app and check out the following experiences:

  • Come face-to-face with murderous outlaws to witness confessions first-hand in 19 Crimes.
  • The Walking Dead Wines: Join Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead on a dangerous supply run, or dodge the grasping hands of a zombie or use both bottles to unlock the ultimate battle for survival: a showdown worthy of the apocalypse
  • Journey back to 1843 to capture an historic photograph with the Beringer Brothers before their distillery.
  • Let Dr. Lindeman’s wistful words bring out the discerning gentleman in you, with Gentleman’s Collection.

Coming soon to the Living Wine Labels App:

  • Watch the Chateau St. Jean come to life through long-harvest days and starry nights with Margo Van Staaveren.

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info-graphic on how the augmented reality app works - download, Scan the bottle, Discover.

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Download and use of the app is subject to the user being of legal drinking age in their country of use. 

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Experiences Available Now

19 Crimes

The Walking Dead Wine

Beringer Brothers

Gentleman's Collection

Chateau St Jean